/Summer Camp 2019\

“For those who deem learning as education and knowledge as power, the world is a place to fall for”

We at Indraprastha Institute of Information technology train young minds in the field of Science and Culture. “Summer Camp” is an initiative taken by people of IIIT Delhi to develop the students of nearby government schools for a better future.

Here’s to my personal experience:

Waking up early in the morning has never been my forte. Staying forty kilometres away from IIIT Delhi Campus, I had to struggle to wake up at 6 am during the initial days of the Summer Camp. As the days passed by, bonds became stronger; waking up early was no longer a trouble. So much vibrancy was invested by the kids into the Summer Camp that every single joule of it lighted up my spirit to an extreme level. To watch those sweet faces smiling and pondering at the same time was so motivating a sight. I remember being on the bed over the entire weekend due to severe cold and fever and still making it up to those bright faces the very next Monday. A zoom of energy gushed again in my blood and I felt all the more happy.DSC_0565


I met all types of kids from those with no knowledge about basic arithmetic to those inquiring about concepts of higher classes, from those with too little confidence to tell their names aloud to those enacting lead roles in the theater classes. This filled in me a sense of equanimity to deal with various kinds of people and situations. I never felt weariness during these five weeks, kudos to my team and the kids <3. I felt like an animated cartoon character that just remains perky no matter what.  Scrutinizing every kid and learning from it has always been my pleasure in past few weeks. The contrast of my living conditions to theirs and the gulf between the privileges that I have and they have might be the two good reasons for the manifestation of this beautiful rapport. As I moved down the lush green landscape of my college every day, I added one more thing into my memory hole. Amongst all the odds in our lives, we considered the Summer School as a fine escape. Zeal to learn, breaking the barriers of intellect was common in most of them. The kids are in their learning phase. What they learn is what they reflect. If we could change the former, the latter would change quite effectively. I had always loved teaching people since I considered it as a methodology to learn myself. But little did I know that teaching could be this much fun that can cathect emotions.

Not only did I bond with students, other volunteers also made a place in the soft corner of my heart. The bond that I shared with them is worth reminiscing for the rest of my life. Their efforts, affection and synergy added a boom to my experience in the camp. They made me see a different vista of teamwork altogether. I have experienced pink flamingos and extreme dare with them.

IMG_4889 (1)

As the times rolled and memories formed, arrived the day to bid adieu to the dear kids and the lovely teammates. It was so soul-stirring a day that I never wanted it to end. Perhaps, I never wanted it to begin. The kids that we trained were now ready to perform on stage vehemently. Such a great feeling of accomplishment it was!

I saw the cheerful faces turn their curve with tears running heavily through their eyes. I wanted to cry too but I had the responsibility to tackle their emotional breakdown. It was then a kid came up to me with a greeting card for my birthday which would be exactly one month after and he wouldn’t be there with me. I never knew that I deserved this much love and respect.

“Thank you ek pyaara sa mahina dene ke liye meri chhoti si 14 saal ki umar mei” said a girl so beautifully to pinch my heart and break my emotional patience. I went out in a corner and cried silently. I was grateful to them for granting me the best month of my college life. As she ended her conversation with this line, all the poignant images of this whole month danced before my eyes and made it even harder to say goodbye. The ceremony got over and the kids started leaving with heavy heart and tight hugs, it was then a thought iterated in my mind:

“ Kuch cheezein adhoori bhi poori si lagti hain, aur kuch poori ho kar bhi adhoori reh jaati hain”





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